Torque Release Technique: A Specific, Scientific Way to Life

We all want to live healthy lives, full of vitality and energy. Maybe that sounds as far off as “happily ever after.” We take drugs that resemble potions, start miracle diets, follow trainers who show magical results and yet…we still aren’t well.

However, a full active lifestyle isn’t a fairytale, but actually achievable through science-based methods.

Here at Trinity Chiropractic of Burleson, Dr. Chase Dyess uses specific, scientific chiropractic to help you reach your goals for your life. This isn’t a gimmicky promise of a quick cure of your symptoms in one visit, but rather principled, corrective care.

Chiropractic involves the entire body through focusing on the nervous system. When the vertebrae are moved out of their perfect alignment (called a subluxation), the bones put pressure on the spinal column and the nerves that run from the brain out to every part of the body. 

Your Chiropractic Visit

During your evaluation, we gather information including x-rays, to identify subluxations.  We carefully sets up an individualized treatment plan of adjustments for you. During your visit to Trinity Chiropractic, you will go through three phases. On arrival, you are invited to sit on wobble seats to beginning warming and loosening your body, preparing the tissues and bones to move back into alignment.

Then you are given a specific adjustment, frequently using a hybrid of full spine adjustment with targeting primary bones. This includes the C1 vertebra also called the atlas, at the base of the skull. It is vital to check  the donut-shaped atlas, as the brain stem passes through it, relaying all the brain’s information to the body. When the atlas is misaligned, the brain stem’s function is decreased. 

Torque Release Technique

As part of our practice at Trinity Chiropractic,  we use Torque Release Technique (TRT) and a handheld instrument, called the Integrator™. This instrument combines uses torque and recoil release, along with quantum physics to deliver a specific adjustment.

TRT delivers a precise, specific adjustment at the exact point needed to relieve a subluxation. This instrument recoils and clicks with a quick impulse adjustment to the subluxation (misaligned bone) of the spinal column. 

This also allows for a gentle adjustment in a relaxed neutral position, while using the right amount of force to bring bones into alignment. We appreciate the effectiveness and consistency of this technique. 

Torque Release Technique was designed and developed through a randomized clinical trial, and is hailed as the most cutting edge of 21st century chiropractic. The Integrator instrument was designed by Dr. Jay Holder DC at the Holder Research Institute and founded in part by a grant from the Florida Chiropractic Society. 

After your adjustment, you will be seated in traction for five minutes, giving the body time to rest in alignment before continuing on with your day. Your plan may include exercises to do at home between adjustments. 

Your Next Steps

Are you ready to make ditch the fairytale and take a scientific approach to vitality and a full life? Contact Trinity Chiropractic to request an appointment for your start to principled corrective care.

“Complete reliance is placed in the SPECIFIC vertebral subluxation, adjusting at right place, at right time, in right manner, after such has been ascertained by our exhaustive laboratory examinations and tests.” (Clinic Magazine, 1945) 

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