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How Pain Management is Killing Our Nation

A blaring alarm wakes you up. You stumble out of bed and down the hallway… and pull out the batteries of the smoke alarm. Would you go back to sleep, in a burning house, until the consequences of ignoring the crisis were fatal? Across the nation, this is what’s happening and lives are going up in smoke. 

Pain is a flashing siren telling is something more is going on. Here at Trinity Chiropractic of Burleson, we don’t want anyone to suffer. We also want you to put out that fire, not silence the alarm. We believe chiropractic should be the first choice, before medication and surgery.

Taking prescription pain medications doesn’t make the threat go away. It’s sure easier to pop a pill rather than to get help, but it doesn’t fix the source. Surgery can make a physical repair, but it doesn’t ensure healing and often is performed before other treatments are given adequate time.

Everyone has wishes and dreams. But when you lose your health, you only have one wish: to get it back. If you don’t take care of your body, everything else in your life will be damaged. Longterm, dulling the pain will cost you a lot more than regaining your health.

The Opioid Epidemic

Taking drugs and opioids also carries a high risk for being “quick fix” that destroys your life. Over 130 people dying daily from opioid-related drug overdoses, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In fact, more people are likely to die from opioid use than in a car wreck, reports NPR.

More and more serious opioids are being distributed than in previous decades. According to the CDC, from 1999 to 2014, the sales of prescription opioids sales nearly quadrupled in the U.S. 

Addiction can start be innocently from one of these legitimate prescriptions: for a back strain, a pulled tooth. It is not common knowledge that, chemically, opioid dependence starts after just a few doses, in a few days. Many good people from every walk of life are becoming victims: from lawyers and stay-at-home moms, to teenagers and pastors. Unfortunately, too many of us have stories of loved ones, friends and acquaintances that struggle with drugs. 

There is hope as society becomes more aware and intentional. The national opioid epidemic is gaining attention politically as well. September is National Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, and sponsored by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP). This month has been officially recognized by various local and state officials, including Kansas’ Governor Laura Kelly and San Diego County, CA.

Premature Surgery 

In today’s world, surgery is common…and thus often premature. At Trinity Chiropractic, we believe in giving the body the opportunity to heal. Give the body time. Give the body repetition. Give the body a chance. 

There is a time and place for surgical interventions, however, it is often overutilized. The risks are ever present and sometimes irreversible or fatal. Surgery can delay your body’s ability to heal, causing more distress, risk of infection and an open door for opioids.

There are many natural answers to support your body’s ability to heal before surgery is necessary.

Where to Get Natural Answers 

Chiropractic can open the body’s innate healing from above down, inside and out. By realigning the spine and moving the vertebrae so they are no longer interfering with the nervous system, the body functions better. Chiropractic improves how the body communicates with each nerve, organ and cell. Your body knows how to be healthy and is always working towards that goal. 

At Trinity Chiropractic, we are grateful to be receiving a rising number of referrals from medical doctors and obstetricians as awareness for alternative pain management also grows. People want actual health for their kids, their parents, themselves–not opioid addiction and risky surgery. 

Studies have shown that the Torque Release Technique that we practice here is a powerful tool against addiction. You can read more about why and how we use this gentle technique here.

When you stand up after an adjustment, we want to empower you to know that your nervous system is now clear and your body can heal. 

If you’re ready to see the benefits of restored function and vitality, click here to contact Trinity Chiropractic of Burleson to request appointments for your whole family. Get started with principled chiropractic care today. 


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