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Pregnancy is a glorious time for expectant mothers and the rest of the family, but it also comes with its fair share of discomfort and pain. Some of the pains and discomfort can last all the way through the pregnancy and others may be there long after your baby is born. Prenatal chiropractic care is a wonderful option to ease this pain & discomfort. Regular pregnancy chiropractic care has shown to reduce the length of time you could be in labor making the process of childbirth easier. Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy make mom-to-be more relaxed and comfortable during the pregnancy and can ease you into a shorter less traumatic labor. Good thing you have found one of the best pregnancy chiropractors in Burleson Texas is Trinity Chiropractic!

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Many expectant mothers also have aches and pains in their lower back and hips. While you may be thinking that this pain is normal and that you either have to suck it up or take medication for it, there are natural options. Prenatal chiropractic care is one of the leading ways to manage this pain if you are looking for a natural holistic approach to manage your less than ideal pregnancy symptoms. There are several reasons why expectant moms have discomfort and pain: – for example, your growing abdomen is creating back curvature, natural shifts in your hips and spine that are happening to make room for your baby and your body is also adjusting to the weight gain.

The Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care



There are physical and hormonal changes going on during pregnancy and these changes will make your posture, joints, and spine to shift throughout the 9 months to accommodate your growing baby and belly. The shifts mean your joints and spine will be misaligned causing you pain and discomfort, as your body prepares for the process of giving birth. Prenatal chiropractic adjustments will help in the process of regaining your balance and in reducing your pain and discomfort. You will be able to walk, stand and even sleep better without having to adjust the way you move while trying to adjust to the body changes. 


During pregnancy your hips, pelvis and other joints shift to give the baby the space they need. Prenatal chiropractic care helps ease the pain and discomfort of the shifts making things more comfortable for you and your baby during the pregnancy and for the birthing process. When your hips and joints are misaligned, your baby’s movements and development are restricted. The delivery process can also be lengthened and more painful if your hips and pelvis remain misaligned. The restricted space makes it harder for your baby to move into the right position for birth which will sometimes require manipulation of your belly by the doctor or nurse to get the baby in the right position and this is a process that can be avoided with regular adjustments. 


Prenatal chiropractic care reduces the length of time spent in labor for many women which is something any woman who has been through a lengthy labor will gladly sign up for. The realignment of your body helps your nervous system have a clear path to communicate to your vital organs, bones, joints, and the rest of your body encouraging them to work in harmony. These prenatal chiropractic visits help relieve the stress which no one wants to have least of all an expectant mother! These treatments are also the ideal way to get your body ready for all the changes that happen to it as you are preparing for childbirth.


Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that pain or discomfort in the lower back is part of the process due to the extra baby weight. Your posture is also off because of the exaggerated curve in your back, that causes lower back and hip pain. Prenatal Chiropractic care adjustment realign your back and hips to reduce the curvature and strain on your hips and spine. Hormonal changes also cause headaches and migraines for some pregnant women, even the ones who may have not suffered from migraines before. Medication is the usual treatment that has been used for pain when it is severe enough, but these medications are not always safe. The wonderful thing is that you can get relief from this pain with prenatal chiropractic adjustments which are a successful, safe treatment for pain including migraine pain. Getting relief naturally with prenatal chiropractic care is a better option for you and your baby.


Prenatal chiropractic care helps speed up postpartum recovery. Getting your body back to “normal” after pregnancy can take a while. Let us not forget that this “new normal” is different from before pregnancy, different is not always a terrible thing. The main thing is that you cannot ignore any pain, especially when pediatric chiropractic care finds and treats the cause of the pain, rather than dealing with the symptoms like pain medication does. When you treat the root of the pain it allows your body to start healing itself.


Being pregnant means you are responsible for not just your care but the baby you are carrying too. Making sure that your immune system is in top performance is one of the best things you can do for both you and baby-to-be. You want to be as healthy as possible to make sure you are giving your baby the best possible chance of having a healthy start. Boosting your immune system at any time is always an advantage, while you are expecting this gives the baby a great start. 

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is an extraordinarily successful way to relieve the pain from misaligned joints and other uneasy changes that happen to your body during pregnancy, like the changes in posture and pressure from the baby moving and leaning on nerves and organs. Pregnancy is a delightful experience, that brings new feelings and pains, but prenatal chiropractic care allows your body to accommodate the growing baby-to-be by making the space they need to move around and develop comfortably. Chiropractic care allows you to take your health and wellness into your own hands. 

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